DressedinHolidayStyleShoot(57of129)From the Delaware shore to the District, Fenwick Island’s Indigo Octopus is here for the holidays!

Tis the season for spreading cheer so I want to tell all of you how I fell instantly in love with this beautiful boutique this past summer! And after meeting its stylish owner, Michelle, I knew I was to be a long time fan and friend. From the moment I stepped into this amazing shop, I began dreaming Bellajenna greeting cards would one day be part of the fabulous assortment at Indigo Octopus. Trust me friends, I’m working on it. From denim, dresses, accessories and sparkly sneakers to beauty products and candles, Indigo Octopus is a one stop shopping experience for all things chic, in store and online.

Spreading even more joy to the area, this holiday season you can check out Indigo Octopus right here in DC! So hit those city sidewalks, busy sidewalks and visit their pop-up shop now until January. Shop for yourself or gift a friend (wink, wink) and have a Merry Holiday and a Happy New Year dressed in style!DressedinHolidayStyleShoot(38of129)DressedinHolidayStyleShoot(41of129)IMG_4109IMG_4110DressedinHolidayStyleShoot(48of129)DressedinHolidayStyleShoot(127of129)DressedinHolidayStyleShoot(128of129)DressedinHolidayStyleShoot(126of129)DressedinHolidayStyleShoot(95of129)DressedinHolidayStyleShoot(103of129)DressedinHolidayStyleShoot(94of129)DressedinHolidayStyleShoot(129of129)DressedinHolidayStyleShoot(66of129)DressedinHolidayStyleShoot(72of129)DressedinHolidayStyleShoot(84of129)DressedinHolidayStyleShoot(88of129)DressedinHolidayStyleShoot(118of129)DressedinHolidayStyleShoot(120of129)DressedinHolidayStyleShoot(34of129)Photos: Coral Dove

Styling: Jennifer Lavallee

Makeup & Hair: Valerie Hammer

Location: Indigo Octopus, Washington, DC & Le Diplomate

Gold Dress: Love Shack Fancy Booties: Free People  Jeans: Indigo Octopus Sequin Top: Etophe Studio Sneakers: Golden Goose  Sequin Dress: Etophe Studios Black Coat: Apparis Perfume: Sunday Forever Maxi Dress: We Are Kindred Leopard Coat: Apparis Jewelry: Indigo Octopus Availalbe at: Indigo Octopus 


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