170213-bellajenna-0027170214-bellajenna-0138170213-bellajenna-0025bellajenna-galentines-0011bellajenna-5170213-bellajenna-0021bellajenna-galentines-0016bellajenna-galentines-0018170213-bellajenna-0014bellajenna-galentines-0015bellajenna-8bellajenna-12bellajenna-11bellajenna-30bellajenna-18bellajenna-19bellajenna-20bellajenna-34bellajenna-44170214-bellajenna-0141170214-bellajenna-0113170214-bellajenna-0142170214-bellajenna-0147Photos: Elisenda Llinares

Styling: Jennifer Lavallee

Makeup & Hair: Valerie Hammer

Stationery: Bellajenna

Cookies: Buttercream Bakeshop

Cotton Candy: Fluffness

Location: Jennifer’s Home, Silver Spring

Sequin Top: Who What Wear Lipstick: Tom Ford (flamingo) Lashes: Benefit Small Vase: Jonathan Adler Large Vase: Jonathan Adler


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